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How to Watch Movies with Friends Online Netflix

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It's been a long time, and you haven’t spent time with friends and family members. But at the same time, you do not want to step out of your home during these exotic summers. If you are going through the same situation, then here's the “Netflix Watch Party,” which you can create from anywhere worldwide. And to do so, you need to install the Netflix Party extension first on your system. And don’t worry; installing this Netflix Party Chrome extension won’t cost you anything. As all you need is a better quality of network connectivity rather than any external or internal charges. 

Moreover, from there onwards, your entertainment of watching TV shows, movies, documentaries, or web series will begin. The best part is that you don’t need to go anywhere to host a “Netflix Watch Party '' as you can enjoy doing this by sitting & chilling at your home. Furthermore, there’s an appropriate procedure to host a watch party for friends along with using its features. If you want to dig deeper into this, kindly follow the information below to declutter distances between each other.       

How to Create a Netflix Watch Party?

It would help if you went anywhere, until or unless you have the below information, holding the process to create your Netflix Watch Party. Now, let’s have a look at how it works: 

1. The first step leads you toward “extension installation,” which you can do by clicking here. But ensure to have a secure web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your system. Also, before installing, you must have a compatible device, including Macs, Chromebooks, or Windows. 

2. Next, you need to “Pin the extension” to your browser’s toolbar. Hence, click on the NP extension icon to pin it to the top-right corner of your screen. If you cannot find the Netflix Party icon, click on the puzzle icon. So, it can display the icon; thus, you can pin it from there.     

3. Don’t forget to “login into Netflix account” to step in into the Netflix Watch Party. Remember, having a login account and login into it is equally important for other watch party members. So everybody can step into the Netflix Party. 

4. Afterward, begin by “searching, selecting, and playing” any of your favorite movies or shows from Netflix. Once you have selected it, play that video for a while and then pause it as per the requirements.   

5. Everything is worthless until or unless you “create a Watch Party link” to invite your friends. Therefore, visit your browser and launch the Netflix Party extension. Hence, you will see a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” window and a “START WATCH PARTY” button. Click on that button to create a Netflix Watch Party link; once it’s created, share it with people.  

6. The joiner has to click on the received one Netflix Watch Party link to “join the Netflix Party.” So the host can step into the watch party and connect with friends. And from there onwards, your entertaining movie night will begin. 

Amazing Features of Netflix Party Extension

The Netflix Party extension is filled with an amazing range of features that helps in levitating your streaming experience. Let’s gather some basic information about them before you start using them while streaming: 

1. To enjoy streaming movies and shows from any location worldwide, you need its “Global Access” feature. It shows an active availability of Netflix Party in every possible location.  

2. The “Complete Control” over the watch party is not only restricted to the host, as the host can also leave it to others. Everything you need is to enable the “Only I Have Control” button. Hence, you can rewind, play, pause, forward, or resume the video anytime.        

3. Besides looking after everything, how can the Netflix Party extension compromise with better picture quality and consistency? Therefore, it provides its user with binge-free video playback in “Real-time sync.” Plus, the better picture quality is available in “HD resolution.”

4. Next is the “Live Chat” feature that helps you connect with your friends via live chat and streaming. So the viewers will never get bored and express their views more freely. 

5. Don’t forget about the “Profile Customization” feature when it comes to creating and joining a watch party. This feature enables modifying your watch party profile by adding an avatar to your profile icon. Plus, adding uniqueness to your username.  

6. The best thing related to the Netflix Party Chrome extension is that it is available at no cost. This makes it a “Free-Accessible” option to host a Netflix Watch Party to enjoy binge-free streaming with friends. 

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